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3rd Bedroom Studios: News

New Jimmy Bean Song posted!! - August 28, 2006

Hey everybody! I've posted a song from the new Jimmy Bean CD! The song is called "Sugar freak". Check out the music section and give it a listen. I will also post it at the Jimmy Bean My space page. I've put together a "Handy with Shovels" My space also, and will be posting music there shortly. Check out the links section. Stay tuned for more updates... Jimmy

Busy! - June 21, 2006

Man have I been busy. Okay check out the pictures of the new studio. I have worked on two films in the past month or so. "Love Lost" a short film by Director Ryan Todd. We shot out in the El Dorado hills, and I got a TICK! So did everyone else though, so far I do not have Rocky Mountain fever. As of right now I am designing all the sound and various effects for the film. Over Father's Day weekend I did sound for Mary Beth Barber's short called "Ditching". It was a lot of fun. I may do some post on that too. We're still cutting vocals for Rich Varone's new album, and it's coming along slowly but surely. I spoke with Scott from "We Prick You", and they're still planning on recording here in the late summer. That's it for now...

New Jimmy Bean! Handy with Shovels! We Prick You... And more! - May 4, 2006

Hey Everyone, here's a few updates. I'm finally working on the new Jimmy Bean record again. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of summer... We'll see. I'll be posting a song or two soon so from the new CD, so stay tuned! It looks like I'm going to put out the old Handy with Shovels songs on my label, "Fuzzy Monkey Records" I have one more song to track down called "Black" from a fellow band mate. So as soon as I get that, I'll start on the cover and will hopefully have something together in the fall. Once again stay tuned. While building my new studio I met a guy named Scott who is in this two piece band called "We Prick You". He and band partner Marcus came over to check out the new studio, and have decided to cut a couple of tracks here. These guys have the most amazing sound. I will be linking their My Space site soon, so be on the look out for that. I had a very talented girl from the neighborhood over with her parents to record an original song for the Girls Rock camp up north. Emma rocked! She is a very talented singer/ song writer. Her Dad played some guitar for her while she did a cover of Carol King song also. It was just amazing. I'm hoping to get her onto a new all kids original song CD effort, along with other kids from the Sacramento area, which so far include: Chad, Maddy and Emily. If you have a child who would like to try out for this CD please contact me. The profits from this disc will be divided evenly amongst the kids. There is NO COST if your child is selected to record their song. Again contact me for details. Okay, everyone take care! Jimmy

I'm moving... Again! - March 31, 2006

Hey everyone! Well I know it's been a while since the last update, but I've been busy building a new two room studio behind my house. I'm moving out of the Hangar and into my newly converted two car garage. With the help of my good friend Owen Flynn, the 3rd bedroom is now the 4th & 5th bedroom out back! I'll post pictures just as soon as I can. This new set up will really allow me take recording and sound design to the next level. In other news... Peter Krauter and I did sound in early March for a new Chris King short film called "Blur". The weather was bad, but the people we worked with were great! Also Megan Foley and I are looking into doing some post sound for a full length indi film out of Rocklin with Michael Dryhurst. Moving forward I will be partnering with Megan and her sound design company, and Peter with his film company. Each of us has something special to offer the musician and film maker. More details to follow after I get settled in my new place. And last but not least Rich Varone will start the final vocals this month on his new CD. That's it for now... Jimmy

It's a bit cold! Lot's of updates! Jimmy Bean, Lisa Stinson and Rich Varone! - January 24, 2006

Wow the new studio is cold! It's got windows all across the front, so I've got a great view, but chilly. Check out the new link to "Smile". This is the award winning film the that Megan Foley and I did all of the sound design for. It's really great! Lisa Stinson's new CD is available for purchase at CD Baby. Just go to the Store section and click away! Come on and support this up and coming rockin', but soulful new artist. Lisa's CD was recorded mostly at Studio Z in Sacramento, with some vocals done at the 3rd Bedroom. The entire album was mixed by Jimmy Bell (Me) here at 3rd Bedroom Studios and mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Labs. It just sounds great, give it a listen. Rich Varone's CD is closer to being done. All of the basic tracks are complete, we need to add just a bit of percussion here and there, and then it's vocal time. Look for a summer release. The new Jimmy Bean is slowly coming around. I've been so busy trying to get the Beat Club up and running, recording and doing sound for film, that it's kind of been on the back burner. Stay tuned!

I'VE MOVED THE STUDIO! - November 4, 2005

Can you believe it?! I've outgrown the 3rd Bedroom, I'm now inside the building that also houses the Hangar recording studio in downtown Sacramento. I'm in a decent sized room where I can mix, record and paint to my hearts content all day. There are other audio guys in there too. Eric Broyhill with Monster Labs, Bruce with Pudding Stone, John with Tape-op magazine and of course in the back is the Hangar recording studios. There's also a mini ramp inside! Check out the photo gallery for pictures. Also, Rich Varone just got back from Ecuador and we'll be recording this weekend at the new space. It will still be called the 3rd Bedroom studios. It looks like I will be running The Beat Club out of Deep studios in mid town, stay tuned for details. That's all for now, Jimmy

Jimmy Bean at My Space, Lisa Stinson CD complete! - October 21, 2005

Hey everyone, it's official, Lisa Stinson's CD is done and mastered (Thanks to Eric Broyhill of Monster Labs Audio). It sounds great! I'll keep you posted on the release date. Also I put Jimmy Bean on My space! Check it out in the links section. That's it for now! Jimmy

Smile! Capitol Records! Lisa Stinson! Wow! - June 27, 2005

Okay where do I start.. So "Smile" the animated film is really taking off. This weekend I was invited along with Megan Foley to Capitol records, to watch a scoring session of the original composition of "Smile". A 45 piece orchestra was on hand in studios A and B. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen! The music was composed and conducted by Cody Westheimer. The two premiers (one in Hollywood, one in Davis) will be later this year. Megan and I will be adding the final touches to the final cut of the film soon, more details to follow. Lisa Stinson's new CD is almost complete. I've been working on the final mixes this past month. She is an amazing and talented songwriter and singer. I'm trying to talk her into letting me post one of her songs here at the site. Rich Varone's CD is coming along well also. We tracked nearly the last of the drums on Saturday. More details to follow soon... And finally Jimmy Bean.... I've gathered together some great kid talent in the area to help out with new CD. Expect to hear a lot more kid voices, kids playing there own instruments... It's going to be great. My Son Chad is working on some new stuff, and Emily down the street already has a killer rhythm part on guitar for her song! I can't wait for you all to hear it!... Stay tuned!... Jimmy

Hw/S on compilation CD! - April 21, 2005

I'll make this quick, I just recieved an advanced copy of the new compilation CD from Mutiny Promotions.. It kicks ass! Not only is the music great (there are 26 tracks!). This was originally a skatepark benefit CD, but a member of one of the bands involved (Jason from Whiskey Kiss, Wyoming) was diagnosed with MS. The decision was obvious. So it was decided to donate the profits to Jason and his family to help with the medical bills. Please visit the links section and go to Mutiny Promotions to get details on how to get this CD! It should be available on May 7th. There are two Hw/S songs on it also! Great music for a great cause! Jimmy

Good news and Bad news - February 20, 2005

Hey everybody... Well it doesn't look like the Handy w/ Shovels thing will happen any time soon. We just can't seem to get it together. Anyhow, we will not be on the "Tribute to Aggression" comp after all. But, it is going to be an awesome record, so pick it up when it comes out anyway! I'll keep you all posted. We also will not be releasing a CD with all the Hw/S stuff on it any time soon. We still can't locate the original tape in Stockton and the DAT's from the SF sessions still haven't been tried, since they were munched on early last summer. Again I will keep you posted... Okay, on to some good news! A company called "Mutiny Promotions" contacted me about donating a couple of Hw/S songs for a skatepark benefit CD. So that should happen sometime in the near future. I will put a link to their website in my link area, so check it out. Now onto Jimmy Bean... One more rough track has been recorded for the new CD. For more details go the Jimmy Bean blog in the links area. Mr. Rich Varones Cd is coming along nicely. Since so many people have been working on this project, Rich has decided (for now at least) to call it "Fired from life". We are planning on releasing the CD in fall of 2005. More goodies! I have been working with future sound effects expert Megan Foley on a short semi-animated film. More details to come, but it is a lot of fun. The film is called "Smile". I may be able to get a trailer of the film so you can all check it out! Stay tuned! Finally, I posted some more art in links area under 3rd Bedroom Art. Once again, the art there is adult oriented (just an FYI if you have young ones around the computer screen)... That's it for now!.. Jimmy

Handy w/ Shovels! Rich Varone! Jimmy Bean! Updates!! - January 23, 2005

Alright, it's time for the first real update at the new site. We're still hoping to get the Hw/S cd done soon. I'm getting more and more emails about our demo's floating around on ebay, and where can they get our music. It's awesome that so many people still dig the band, and still want more! So here's where we're at... The original master reel is lost somewhere in Stockton. Until we find that, we just have our cassette copies, which don't sound too shabby. In regards to the 5 songs recorded in San francisco in 1994 (the SF Sessions). One of the two DAT's got eaten in a freak accident in a studio in Sacramento. Talk about bad luck. I've posted 1 song from the SF sessions in the music section. Please feel free to copy it, and pass it around. It's a rough copy, but it gives an idea of where we were headed musically before we split up. I'm hoping to get the full CD done this year. The title as of right now is "One of these days". Tell all yer friends about it! Also we recorded an Aggression song "Body count" for a tribute record coming out this year. Unfortunately we can't find our original drummer, Chris Gonzales, but Brian Tomei's room mate John filled in, and did a great job. Chris, if you're out there send me email or something! Stay tuned for more on that. Rich Varone just left the studio, after a day full of tracking drums. Rich is a great songwriter, guitar player and vocalist. If you can imagine Bob Mould meets Michael Stipe who meets Robert Pollard and they all go get coffee in Seattle... You can't, okay, but you'll get it when it's done.. I promise. Jimmy Bean is still tracking here also. About 3 rough songs have been done, great stuff also. Speaking of the Bean, the Cd's are almost gone. If you don't have one, you'd better get on it. That's all for now... Jimmy......

New website! - January 14, 2005

Hey everyone welcome to my new site! We should be up and running soon. Stay tuned for more!
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