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3rd Bedroom Studios: News

It's been almost 2 years!! - May 16, 2018

What?! Nearly 2 years since my last update. Things have been great, and busy, and then slow...... You know how it goes. I've been to Costa Rica twice now, not only to vacation in that beautiful country, but I'm also gathering footage and interviewing people for a short film I'm attempting to make, tentatively titled "Who rescued Who". I have a good friend who works with my wife Missy, who has adopted several dogs from a wonderful animal sanctuary in Costa Rica called Territorio de Zaguates, or Land of the strays. I'd like to tell her story about finding her dogs at Zaguates, and the beautiful people she's met, and become life long friends with. Hopefully it helps to raise awareness about just how many dogs need homes, not only in Central America, but here in our own back yards. Stay tuned for that. I had the opportunity last year to work with Adam and Tamera Housley on their new pilot called "The Housleys". Wow, talk about some nice people with a couple adorable kids. They were an absolute blast to get to know and work with as well. Fingers crossed the show gets picked, because that would keep us all busy for a bit. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Drew Scott on he and his twin brother Jonathan's show "Brother vs Brother". They also have a very successful show on HGTV called "The Property Brothers". I had great time, learned a lot, and got to meet some really cool people. Tons of other things have gone on as well, but that's it for now. For almost daily updates on what goes on in my crazy world, find me on Instagram under jimmy_pills. Take care, and thanks for stopping by.... Jimmy

I can't believe it's been another year! - May 17, 2016

Wow! Time flies when you're busy and having fun... Lot's has happened this year. I worked Super Bowl 50 for starters. I'm not a sports fan by any means, but having the opportunity to work at the Super Bowl was as amazing as it was challenging. The main challenge for a sound person is organizing your wireless frequencies. Think about it... That's a lot sound being transmitted by a lot of people. It can really be difficult to get a clean signal, so they have people who actually police your frequencies and tell you which ones that you can use. I couldn't imagine having that job. I got up close to a bunch of celebrities like, Rob Lowe, John Travolta, Andrew Zimmern, Nick Lachey, Vince Vaughn, seriously too many to remember. It was a very cool experience. I spent game day working with Sherrie Shepard and The View. It was a lot of fun. So, we got a new dog. He's a rescue just like Kylie. We've named him Ozzy, and he's a Catahoula mix. You can see pictures of him on my Flickr page. As a rescue he definitely has some challenges, but how sweet he is makes up for those times he gets onto to the counters and eats things, or chews up the TV remote, or destroys a pair of work boots.... well, you get the picture. He and Kylie get along great, most of the time. Some of the other projects I've worked on over the past year have taken me to marijuana farms in northern California, commercial work in New Mexico, and most recently back to Florida for Blog Cabin. This time to the gulf of Mexico. The bug bites are still healing. That's it for now!

Wow, it's been a year since my last update! - July 28, 2015

I know, I know.... It's been a while, but I've been busy. That's a good thing right? Lots of good things going on and lots of changes as well. I had the pleasure of working on another Blog Cabin, this time in beautiful Idaho. Unfortunately while I was there, we lost our oldest old dog Otto. It's been tough, but we have crazy Kylie to keep us on our toes. She's super sweet, but super psycho. Yardcore was cancelled this year, but we had four great seasons, and a ton of fun doing the show. I've been working on a new called America's most desperate kitchen, which has been a blast. I'm hoping that gets picked up. Let's see what else.... Lot's of work for ABC news doing various shows. This weekend I'll be recording the band Embryo here at my studio. That will be a good time. I love to record and mix music. I guess that's it for now. Hopefully the next update won't take so long!

Busy, busy and busy... - June 6, 2014

So, I just got back from Florida… Well a couple weeks ago anyway. I was working on a show for Diy called Blog Cabin, and did sound for three shows. Kitchen Crashers, Yard Crashers and Yardcore. It was a lot of fun. Central Florida was a bit humid for my tastes, but the seafood was great and the key lime pie was delicious. Yardcore got a 4th season! Shooting that now. The show has been a big hit, and I hope it continues. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Finished Rich Varones record, the Santiago Cynics. Did a demo release for a band of kids that grew up with my son called, the Car Bomb Commies. Getting started on a documentary today about skateboarding. Very excited about that. Saw some great shows so far this year. The Afghan Whigs, MONO (Japan), Church of Misery, Clutch, The Sword, Weedeater, Mudhoney, The Murder City Devils and Going to see the Supersuckers this weekend. Missy and I road tripped down to San Diego in March to visit my brother and check out the new gym he and his wife opened. It was a blast. Stayed in Laguna Beach at the Montage one night, then drove over to Palm Springs and stayed at the Ace hotel then next. Then continued down to SD. Hoping to do it again in November. That's it for now. Hopefully it won't be so long before the next update…...

First update in 2013!? - September 6, 2013

Once again I have procrastinated in regards in to the updates. Granted I've been extremely busy, but still. People want to know what's happening in the world of 3BS. Where to be begin...... Well, Yardcore got renewed for a third season. We've already begun shooting episodes. I've also been working up in Lake Tahoe a bunch for HGTV. That's been fun and beautiful. Let's see... Got to see a bunch of shows so far this year. The Afghan Whigs, The Descendents, The Sword, NOFX and more, but I can't remember right now. Maybe if I did updates more regularly I wouldn't have that problem. I bought a new mixer/ recorder. The Sound Devices 664... That's for all you sound geeks out there like me. Staying busy in the studio as well. Lot's of VO work, and still doing some mixing finishing up Rich Varones new album. I have one song to go. That's it for now!

It's update time! - November 13, 2012

Hey everybody, it's time for an update.... Wow it's been a while. Since March it looks like. I have been busy. Got to work with Discovery Channel Canada on a show called "Shred it". Very cool. Yardcore got picked up for a second season, so I've been working on that show as well. Of course worked on a bunch of political ads since it's an election year. Listening to the new Redd Kross record as I type. Yes, I said record. I still buy vinyl. First album for these guys in 15 years. Sounds great. Picked it up at my friend Dal's record store here in Sacramento called Phono Select. If you haven't heard the band OFF! you need to check these guys out. Keith Morris's (Circle Jerks) new band. Amazing old school punk rock. Missy and I caught the Afghan Whigs reunion show at the Fillmore last week. Fucking killer show. Probably one of best shows I've ever seen as a matter of fact. I've been mixing Rich Varone's new record here at the studio on my days off. He and band mate Brent Wiggans are recording at their place then bringing the tracks here for a little analog love. Look for that release next year. Going to see NOFX on December 10th at Ace of Spades. Those guys are always a good time. I guess that's it for now. Until next time.....

Has it really been that long?! - March 29, 2012

I can't believe I haven't updated the web sited since I got back from Europe. I swear I'm not lazy, I'm just busy. Where do I begin.... So the Republic of Georgia and Hungary were amazing places. You can see all my adventures on my my Flickr page. There's already talk of going to Italy in May. In October I worked on a show for Nat Geo called Doomsday Preppers. That was interesting. I've also started working on a new show called Yardcore for the DIY network. It stars two brother's who redo peoples back yards with clues found inside the house. I believe that airs on April 10th on the DIY Network. So Yard Crashers has a new host, and he is one cool guy. His name is Matt Blashaw. The new new season starts on I think April 2nd on DIY as well. The studio has been busy too! I'm hosting a local Podcast for the website Sacramento Current. That's been a lot of fun. I guess that's all for now.

I'm leaving the country! - August 31, 2011

Well, for 10 days anyway. I will be going to the country of Georgia (the birthplace of wine) and then heading over to Hungary to visit the Tokaji wine region. I'll be with a production team following Darrell Corti. Darrell will be speaking at a Qvevry wine symposium, which we will be covering for the Georgian Wine Association. Then we head to Hungary to check out the Tokaji wines. It is going to be amazing. I'll post what I can here, facebook and on my Flickr account. While there, we will blogging on I've put a link in the links section, so check it out!

I'm getting tired of the rain.... - March 23, 2011

So I've been having gig's get moved like crazy because of the rain. It's a drag. I like the rain, it makes snow and I like to snowboard, but come on. I've been very busy. Lot's of new cool stuff coming up this year. Chad's school marching band are playing in the Disney main street parade this April, so Missy and I are flying down to check it out. Should be fun, although none of us care too much for Disneyland. Hopefully I can do some networking down in LA as well as see some family and friends. Starting to plan a trip to New York over Thanksgiving. Never been. I'm working with a great local band called the "Who and the what now". Very cool sound. Recording to Pro Tools and mixing down to tape. Stay tuned. That's it for now......

Has it been that long? - October 13, 2010

I don't why doing an update is so friggin' hard, but I dread doing them. Does anybody even read these things. So just got back from Vegas last week. I was there doing sound for the DIY show Yard Crashers. Lot's of fun and sun. Oh and thunder storms as well. Which are a bit unnerving if your holding a 12 foot lightening rod also known as a boom pole. Let's see what else has been happening.... I've been very busy. Listening to a lot of Mudhoney lately. Missy and I are going to see Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbel this month. We're also going to see Greg Dulli next month. Speaking of Novmber... Missy and I will have been married for 16 years as of the 12th of November. Okay, back to work stuff. Did sound for the HGTV Halloween block party, which I believe premiers this Saturday the 16th. I won't be watching it because I'll be working on the set of House Crashers, another killer show from the Idea Factory on DIY. I got to work on a new show called My Record Fantasy as well. This time with Micky Dolenz of the Monkees. That was fun. Who am I kidding, almost everything I get to work on is fun. The next episode starts shooting next week. Details to follow. That's it for now.... If you need a sound guy, give me a shout! Jimmy

Wow an end of winter update... - March 15, 2010

Lot's of stuff going on, very busy.... New shows: Turf War, Bath Crashers and Maybe a movie in the works. Stay tuned.....

End of summer update - September 16, 2009

So let's see..... I have had a pretty wild summer. Missy and I took Chad and his buddy Charlie to the Warped tour in SF. A bunch of punk bands played along with some newer bands. We saw NOFX, Bad Religion, The Adolescents, The Dickies, DI... Then there were the bands Chad saw, 303, Underoath, A skylit drive. I can't say I dug that stuff too much, but I'm glad he's into music. I worked on a documentary about the CCC in Pate Valley, which in the backside of Yosemite. We rode mules in for 6 hours! Then we hiked to the job locations each day! Brutal, but beautiful and these kids hike to work every day! Very cool. October is pretty much booked up with Yard Crashers, House Crashers, and the new show Turf Wars. It will be a busy fall.... That's all for now.....

Spring update.. - May 26, 2009

So Missy and I just saw Great Northern again. They Played at the Independent in SF with the Dears. What a killer show... And I behaved myself this time. I spoke with Barb at Highlander who is editing the movie, and she said it's about done... Super cool. I picked up an API 2500 from Jeff at Vintage king, and a Lexicon 300 as well from Sweetwater. The new album I'm working on with local musician Richie Lawrence will take full advantage of this new gear. We should be done mixing Richie's stuff by the first week in june. Other than that, staying busy. Still no word on Chopper Challenge..... Jimmy

Super late update! - March 16, 2009

So Missy and I went to SF this weekend to see Great Northern. Easily our new favorite band.... Then we get to the Utah, this band called OplusS (O+S) is playing, Unbelievable! Two new favorite bands. Except for the fact that I got drunk and felt pretty lousy the next day, the show was great. Oh well.... So updates, A night at the silent theater is being edited. That was a blast. I have some great new gear for the studio and location work. Thanks to Sherrie at Coffey sound and Jeff and Rebecca at Vintage King. I've been working on a new show called House Crashers, kind of a take off on Yard Crashers. Super fun. Chopper Challenge is still going to happen, we're just not sure when. I got to work with the Smosh guys. If you haven't seen Smosh on you tube, do it right now. Insanely funny! Also I put together a flickr page with photos from shoots ,some of the family and such. I've put a link in the link area, so check those out! That's it for now....

Down in Hollywood - December 7, 2008

So I'm down in Hollywood working a new movie with director Tim Russ ( Star Trek, iCarly, Samantha Who?). Lot's of fun with the Highlander films crew. Phil LaMarr of Mad TV plays the lead character. I'll post pictures soon. Chopper Challenge has been renewed! We start shooting in February... That's it for now.

Finally some time off! - July 2, 2008

So last night was my wife Missy's birthday and we took a limo to see the Supersuckers at the Empire. Too much tequila... Anyhow, so I was down in L.A. off and on for the past couple of weeks working with Highlander Films on two pilots, and with Spectrum Films on the season finale of Chopper Challenge. I had great time! I ate at the Dakota saw Jeff Goldbloom's band at Aqua in Beverly Hills and got to hang out with all of bike builders at the Petersen auto museum. Next it's off to Maui for a little RnR.... Until next time.....

Late on the update... As usual - May 28, 2008

Chopper Challenge is on the air, and getting rave reviews! It was loads of fun, and I got to meet some great people along the way. Not only did I do the sound for the first three episodes, but I also got to drive this cool hot rod truck that delivered the parts to the shops. If you haven't seen it yet, it's on CMT, Wednesday's at 8:30 pm PST. I worked on a pilot recently for a new cooking show called "French Fry Fever". Super cool! The next episode is about french fry's and fine wine.... So it's off to Napa. This past Sunday I worked on music video doing playback for a band called Falder Eyes.... I never imagined I would be this busy and be having so much fun.... well until the next overdue update... Jimmy

Sensored is wrapped, now it's off to the coast! - March 14, 2008

Sensored is done. It was a great experience! Now it's on to "Chopper Challenge" a hot rod motorcycle show which will be on in May, on CMT. This will be super cool! Jimmy

The Golden City - January 21, 2008

I have been in Sonora/ Silver lake and Columbia California doing the sound for a trailer called the Golden City. It's a film about Jack London. Lot's of fun, but very cold. I'll post details as they're available. I am still working on Nightbeats. We shot another bar scene last night. I had my good friend and fellow engineer Tom Bray with me to help. It was a good time. I may be doing sound for an upcoming film called Sensored. That will began in February and go for about 20 days. The Handy with Shovels Cd's are getting low! get yours before they're gone. I won't print anymore. That's it for now! Jimmy

It's time for an update! - October 29, 2007

So where do I begin? Ricky Berger's new album is done! We have one more small adjustment to make on the song "Together Again" and that's it! Then it's off to mastering, duplication and out to you! Taylor Neal moved up to Washington, so his project is on hold at least here. I think he's recording a bit up there as well. Rich Varone (Hell bent for heaven) will begin recording his sophmore release here in late November. Jimmy Bean is going to have a song on a new reality show called "Flush TV". It's a show online about a family of plumbers. If you like "Dirty Jobs" you will love this show. I'll put a link in the links section. There is going to be a DVD called "The crap bucket" which will feature "The doody song". I've got 6 paintings (2 almost done) which I will, for the first time for me, attempt to get a show together, so stay tuned. I have some new songs in the works for the 3rd Cd by "Jimmy Bean". I'm also doing the sound design and music for an up and coming indie film called "Nightbeats". Missy, Chad and I all have parts in the film also. That's it for now, hopefully it won't be too long for the next update! Jimmy

Hell bent for Heaven, Ricky Berger and Vince DiFiore... - July 4, 2007

Okay, I promise more regular updates.... So for starters the new Rich Varone CD is done and was mastered by Eric Broyhill. It sounds great. Rich has titled his project "Hell bent for Heaven" the name of the CD is "Witch Pricker". It's in duplication now, and should be available soon. Vince DiFiore, the horn player for the band "Cake" was in last week, laying down some tracks on Ricky Berger's new album. I took some great picture's that day, but deleted them accidentally (sorry again Ricky). We're hoping to have Ricky's new album done soon. It's going to be awesome. If you haven't seen it already check out the wonderful article that Jackson Griffith wrote on her in this past weeks SNR. That's it for now. Jimmy

Jimmy Bean and the Playground Revolution new Cd now avalable!! - April 3, 2007

The new Jimmy Bean Cd "Silly songs about silly things" is now available in the store section of the site. I've also moved the Handy w/ Shovels Cd to that area. The Hw/S Cd is nearly sold out, so get it before it's gone. We may not print anymore. Hopefully the new Bean Cd will do as well. Give it a listen, buy it, and make your kids happy. Get them off of that Barny and Wiggles stuff. You just might dig the tunes also.... I mean come on, there is a song about doody!

Handy w/ Shovels new (old) CD "One on these days.." is now availble at CD Baby! - March 16, 2007

Really quick visit the links section and go to the HwS link and buy the CD you have been waiting for since 1989! More details to follow, also the new Jimmy Bean CD "Silly songs about silly things" will be out next week!!!!! Jimmy

First update of 2007! - February 15, 2007

Hey everybody, happy new year! So here's what's going on... I'm taking the Hw/S stuff in for duplication today. I'm waiting on photo releases for the Jimmy Bean cd, then it's off to duplication. I'm in the final stages of mixing Rich Varone's cd, then it's off to mastering. I had the privilege of recording up and coming singer/ songwriter Ricky Berger last weekend. I recroded two cuts for her new album which will be mixed up in Washington. Ricky has the most beautiful voice, and some very catchy tunes. If you haven't heard of her yet, just wait, you'll be hearing about her soon. The Sacramento Bee wrote an article about her this past Sunday. I will link her My Space page for details. Thanks Noah (down in Hollywood), for sending her in my direction. I wish I was doing her whole record! So that's it for now. Jimmy

The new Jimmy Bean is done! Handy with Shovels is done! - November 13, 2006

Hey everyone, I just finished recording the last song for the Jimmy Bean CD. The new CD will be called "Silly songs about silly things". I will be working on the covers this week. I just spoke with Bryan Chuck, the bass player of Hw/S. We're getting old photos together for the new Handy with shovels CD cover and liner. The CD is complete and sounds great for being pulled off of two old cassettes. Earlier this year I had the honor of creating a song for the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire department. The song is called "Safe Kids are cool kids" and it is the theme song for several safety videos shown to younger children. I will post the song so you can check it out. It is a Jimmy Bean song, but will not be on the new CD. This was something I did just for the Sac Metro Fire dept. That's it for now! Jimmy
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